About ADC

We work very closely with our clients, firmly believing that successful project execution is the outcome of a collective collaborative effort.

Founded in 2002 as a humble practice, started by first generation professionals, "ADC" has proudly delivered interior & architectural projects across INDIA and has since transformed into a multidisciplinary firm, known for its creative & collective thinking.

Having dealt with projects ranging from hospitality arenas to commercial / residential ventures, educational institutions, retail stores, ADC is well recognized, upholding the sanctity of the profession in its truest virtue.

ADC's foundation is its strong belief in highest professional integrity. Our forte lies in understanding spaces;- their needs, behavior, relativity & expression. Strictly adhering to, 'Form Follows Function,' in our practice, our strength empowers us to exploit Space to its fullest, flexing rooms for future expansion.

Spaces breathe, behave & interact and we believe in creating a lasting relationship with spaces.

We strongly believe that Architecture, Interiors, Facility Design, USERs needs & Project Economics are interwoven, are inseparable with mutually significant values, bound in imperatively indispensible relationship to collectively deliver towards COMPREHENSIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE.

With an approach to attend and value, every detail and every element, we believe a classic touch, individual to the essence of the project is what imparts soul to the final building project. DESIGN PROCESS cultivates filtering of the bottom line considerations and evolves from there, as intrinsic solution to all constraints or objectives.